Turn your photos into custom nail wraps

How NailSnaps works

NailSnap is a mobile app that lets you design your own nail wraps
What you need to do are only three simple steps.
Snap with your phone the photos you wish to turn into nail wraps,
create your designs with the app’s stencil feature, and you’re ready to make your order.

  1. Design
    Use the free NailSnaps app to turn any photo into custom nail art.
  2. Order
    Your order is printed as 20 high-quality nail wraps and shipped to your door.
  3. Rock
    Peel and stick NailSnaps into place and file off the excess to rock your look.

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Travelling, concerts, sports games, parties, graduation, opening ceremony, pets...
Transform your favourite scenes from different moments into nail wraps!

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NailSnaps can convert any pictures you like - portraits, landscapes, illustrations, etc.
into custom nail wraps, bringing you a whole new experience on nail art.

Users Reviews

Simple to apply and remove, so easy!
Simple to apply and remove, so easy!
Looks so much better than painting yourself!
Looks so much better than painting yourself!
A simple way to create original nail art!
A simple way to create original nail art!
Share on LINE or Facebook
Share on LINE or Facebook
Heart-melting pictures of your beloved pets
Heart-melting pictures of your beloved pets
Send one to your friend
Send one to your friend


Designing Nail Art

How does NailSnaps work?
NailSnaps let you turn your photos into one-of-a-kind nail art with just a few taps on your smartphone. Import an image from your photo album, Instagram, facebook account, or take one with your camera, to begin.
Then rotate and resize a digital hand pose stencil over the image and lock and copy various parts of an image to specific fingernails to create detailed nail art designs.
The hand pose stencil lets you easily design nail art of a scene or story that spans across your nails such as a city skyline going from pointer finger to pinky.
Each fingernail can repeat the same design or be used as part of single, combined canvas. Once you’re happy with your design save and purchase it. Your NailSnaps are printed as high-quality nail wraps in our Los Angeles facility, and mailed right to your door after 10-14 days.
How do I go back and edit one of my saved NailSnaps designs?
Once design is saved, the only things you can change are the Title, Description, Tags, and whether the design is okay for NailSnaps to repost. The way you’ve set the design on your nails is fixed though. You can easily delete any design that’s unwanted and then create a new design from the same image.
How are NailSnaps sized?
NailSnaps come in 2 sizes: Petite and Regular. They’re all the same length so the sizing only refers to the width of the nail wrap. When an order is placed, you automatically get both sizes – a total of 20 wraps per order (2 widths per fingernail) for maximum fit and flexibility. When applying, choose the best width for your fingernail then file off the excess nail wrap to set your length.
If I see something that is offensive or inappropriate, what should I do?
If you see any design that seems inappropriate, please contact us immediately by emailing
Why can’t I use my Camera or Photos to create NailSnaps designs?
If you get an error when trying to select images from your Camera or Photo Album, simply open your device Settings app. You’ll see NailSnaps listed among your downloaded apps. Tap it and then turn access to Photos and Camera on. From now on you’ll be able to select images from both sources.
What kinds of nail art can I create?
The hand pose stencil lets you easily design nail art of a scene or story that spans across your nails such as a city skyline going from pointer finger to pinky. Each fingernail can repeat the same part of an image or be used as part of single, combined canvas to tell a story in 5 fingernails.
Are there any designs that are not permitted?
Personal creativity is vitally important to us. We want to encourage you to be as creative as possible and make designs that are true personal expressions of your unique style. However, we can’t allow anything offensive, threatening, racist, pornographic, or insensitive to others so please be respectful.
Also don’t use any copyrighted artwork, images of people who are not you, brand logos, or any other images if they do not belong to you. Any inappropriate designs will be taken down.
Why are the colors of my nail wraps different from the image I saw in my phone?
It is natural to have a slight difference in color and vibrancy between the image you see on a mobile screen and the one on your NailSnaps due to variety of factors including the difference between digital backlit colors and solid printed colors and the brightness of your mobile phone screen. It is recommended to use photos which are bright and with high contrast. The quality of the image on nail wraps might also be affected if you use zoomed pictures. If something looks wrong, please let us know at support@nailsnaps.com

Wearing NailSnaps Nail Wraps

How will my custom design look on me?
When we print your custom design, we mirror your look onto the opposite hand and print the full set as a total of 20 nail wraps (2 widths per fingernail) for maximum fit and flexibility.
We can’t wait to see how your creation will look on you. Show’em off by posting a photo using the #myNailSnaps hashtag!
What are the required specifications for the images used in my design?
The beauty of using digital printing is that there is a more liberal range of specs that can be accommodated and since we’re printing on such a small surfaces, even low-resolution images can look pretty good. That said, nothing beats the sharpness and clarity you can get with a high-resolution photo.
How long do NailSnaps last?
NailSnaps will look great for about a week.
Our nail wraps have been tested on bare fingernails, nails with a base coat, acrylics, and gel nails. They seem to adhere equally well. Just make sure your nail surface is clean and dry before you apply the wraps.
NailSnaps are glossy from the start but we recommend that you apply an extra layer of topcoat for extra stay, seal, and shine.
How do I apply my NailSnaps?
First, choose the width that looks right.
Next, peel the wrap from the sheet at the more square side and stick the round-ish side near your cuticle. Smooth it to your nail to remove any wrinkles or bubbles. The better they seal to your nail, the longer they will last.
Finally, file off the excess length by folding the nail wrap over your nail tip and filing with soft downward strokes.
How do I remove my NailSnaps?
To remove your NailSnaps wraps, simply peel the wrap off like a sticker. No acetone or harsh chemicals required.
Are NailSnaps toxic if swallowed?
Under normal use (i.e. wearing on your fingernails), there is no toxicity.
NailSnaps are made of high-quality, PET-free vinyl. NailSnaps are inert. They are no active indigents, no latex, no lead, no arsenic.
NailSnaps are for wearing on your fingernails. Don’t eat them or stick them onto your eyeball, but there’s no toxic reaction from accidentally ingesting a tiny amount if you bite your nails.
What are NailSnaps made of?
NailSnaps are made of a high-quality, ultra-thin vinyl. Our magical mani-making machine prints your design in our Los Angeles facility and ships it to your door. There is no PET content in our vinyl.
The vinyl is sandwiched between a clear gloss coat and adhesive so the vinyl doesn’t actually touch your nails but if you have a vinyl sensitivity, maybe try a test nail for a few days before you apply the whole look.

Inside the App

I don’t want to connect to Facebook and Twitter, what should I do?
Tap the gear on your profile avatar, and then tap Social Settings to see which accounts are linked and unlink them.
Is there a way to delete items I no longer want in my shopping cart?
Yes. Go to your shopping cart and swipe left on the item you want to remove. A delete button will show up which will allow you to delete the item you no longer want.
Is there a way to NailSnaps designs I no longer want in my creation list?
Yes. Go to your profile and tap the design you wish to delete. On the Design Details screen, tap the edit button down towards the bottom. You’ll get a screen that lets you delete or edit your creation.
Why do I get an error when I try to share a design on Twitter?
This issues comes up sometimes when you upgrade to a new device if Twitter is not authenticated properly.
Visit Settings>Twitter>”Your Account Name”>Delete Account. Then add the account again with your Twitter username and password. Now you should have no problem sharing on Twitter.
Why are my designs showing up in the Inspiration Feed even though I’ve kept the Allow Re-post Toggle off?
The Inspiration Feed shows your designs, but only you and your followers see them. It also shows, inspirational images from the @NailSnaps instagram account, designs by the people you follow, and “Looks We Love” which are featured designs by others in the NailSnaps community. If you’d like your design to be considered as a “Look We Love”, set the “Allow NailSnaps to re-post” toggle to ON for that particular design.

Ordering and Shipping

How much do NailSnaps cost?
A set of NailSnaps costs $19 USD. Each set includes 20 wraps per order (2 widths per fingernail: Petite and Regular) and a mini nail file to help you apply your design.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payments via PayPal and most major credit cards like Visa, Master, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, and American Express.
I’ve changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?
Once we receive your order, we turn it around right away. orders@nailsnaps.com within 24 hours of placing your order to cancel. Unfortunately, after 24 hours, it will not be possible to cancel the order.
I live in a different country. Will I still be charged in USD?
Yes, all of our payments are charged in US dollars. Depending on your respective method of payment, your bank or PayPal will convert the charge to your local currency.
What is your refund policy?
Because NailSnaps are custom designed, it is not possible to return them for a refund.
What if I want to change my billing or shipping address after I’ve placed my order?
Please send us an email at orders@nailsnaps.com right away.
We can’t guarantee that we can stop the order in time to make the adjustments but we will absolutely try.
Do you ship to my country?
Yes we ship to every country worldwide.
I received my NailSnaps but something’s wrong. What should I do?
Within 5 days of receiving your order, please let us know what happened and provide some pictures of what you received. Send an email to orders@nailsnaps.com with the details. We will work with you to make sure it all turns out ok. We will be happy to reprint the NailSnaps design for you once we confirm the problem.
What is the shipping cost and how long does it take?
We provide shipping within 10-14 days. Shipping fee is 3.24 USD.
How should I fill in the Name and address information?
Please fill in with English alphabet.

About NailSnaps

NailSnaps is a free mobile app that lets you turn your photos into one-of-a-kind nail wraps you can apply yourself in minutes for custom,wearable art. While custom nail art is messy, tedious, and expensive,NailSnaps eliminates the hassle completely. NailSnaps lets you easily create and purchase designs based on your photos. We print and ship custom, made-to-order nail wraps from our Los Angeles facility. You apply the designs no smelly chemicals, dry time, or mess.
Founded in 2014, NailSnaps is a female-founded technology company based in Los Angeles, California with a mission of delivering truly delightful experiences of personal expression.

Company Name
NailSnaps, Inc.
California, United States
Angel Anderson(CEO)
Sarah Heering(COO)
Date of Establishment
2014 March